Hey, y’all! I’m Courtney, the owner and maker of Mother, Me, & I. I’m just a southern girl who loves to do crafts! I inherited this passion from my mom and Grandma. Here’s a little backstory on the name of my shop, Mother, Me, & I:
My mom and Nanny (her mom) used to make TONS of crafts and go to craft shows to sell them. They’d make everything from wooden birdhouses to tree skirts to seasonal decoration items. Once I got big enough, I’d go with them, help ring in sales, help bag stuff, and eventually, dreamed of having some of my own handmade items in their shops. I started out making bookmarks and small $1 items. Their business card read “Mother & Me” but since I was then involved, I insisted they change it to “Mother, Me, & I”. They got a good laugh out of it and were proud to change the name. My mom passed away unexpectedly shortly after we changed the name. My Nanny stopped doing the craft business after that. My Nanny has since passed, too. So, in their memory, I’m keeping our little business alive. I so wish they were here to participate with me. Instead, I just cherish the fact that I was passed on such a great trait and love of crafts.

I’ve always had an obsession with school supplies so when my best friend, Amanda, introduced me to planning, I was hooked! I started off with an Etsy shop and once I hit 10,000 sales, I decided it was time to transition to my own site, aka the birth of motheremeandi.com!